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Engage Precision steel targets are crafted from premium-grade AR500-rated steel. Our AR500 rifle targets are available in 1/4", 3/8” or 1/2”. We take pride in designing, testing, and manufacturing all our targets in-house! Each target is laser-cut for edge strength and includes holes for 9/16" or 1/2" carriage or standard bolts. Our diverse range includes various shapes & sizes, reactive targets, and convenient target stand solutions.

While steel targets offer durability and enjoyment, always follow firearm safety procedures. Note that ricochets may occur, so maintain a safe distance and always wear appropriate protective gear.

AR500 Steel Rifle Target Instructions:

  • Handgun & Rimfire Cartridges:
    • Our AR500 steel rifle targets are suitable for standard centerfire handgun cartridges and all rimfire cartridges at a minimum distance of 15 yards. Magnum handgun cartridges require a 20-yard distance.
  • Centerfire Rifle Cartridges:
    • 3/8” - Minimum distance of 100 yards, or 200+ yards for high-velocity impacts.
    • 1/2” - Minimum distance of 100 yards, or 200+ yards for high-velocity impacts, unless below 3000fps.
    • Choose your target thickness based on durability and desired sound feedback.

AR500 Steel Rimfire Target Instructions:

  • 1/4" AR500 steel targets are rated for standard rimfire and centerfire handgun cartridges up to 9mm Luger and 45 ACP at a minimum distance of 15 yards. 1/4" AR500 steel targets are not suitable for centerfire rifle or magnum handgun cartridges.

Our targets do not withstand steel core, armor-piercing, or bi-metal bullets. Correct target placement and distances ensure safety. Recommended distances are provided, and allowing the target to swing freely improves ricochet control and target longevity.